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Drive through with a difference


R:evolve opens drive through for clothing donations


R:evolve Recycle has solved the problem of people’s homes bulging with bags of clothing donations – a Donation Drive Through at its new Hamilton Road premises.


COVID quarantine rules meant the team at R:evolve couldn’t take clothing donations at shops but using the car park and sorting space across from the Tollpitch was the ideal solution.


The sorting space and R:evolve’s offices had been refurbished thanks to a £50,000 grant from SSE’s South Lanarkshire Sustainable Development Fund, so volunteers gave the space a final clean-up to make it suitable for donations.


So now (6 October), people can hand in bags of unwanted clothes and get a 10 point voucher for every tied bag of clothes to “spend” in any of R:evolve’s shops.


Mel Robinson, R:evolve’s operations manager, said: “This is the ideal situation for us and our members. They get to drop off their donations and we can leave them in the sorting space for quarantine until it’s safe to sort them and send them out as new stock to our shops.”


First to drop off some clothes were Pat and Ron Hutchison who said: "The clothes are too good to throw in the bin and if they can help someone in these strange times then we are very pleased to help."

Mel said: "We know how long our loyal customers have held on to their items so we were delighted to launch the Donation Drive Through to finally allow them to finally donate them.”

If you want to find out more about R:evolve Recycle and volunteering in one of its shops, call 0141 641 5169 or visit

Pat and Ron Hutchison were first to dona

Pat and Ron Hutchison with their donated bags of clothing

Lisa O'Hara (l) and Mel Robinson are rea

Lisa O’Hara (l) and Mel Robinson are ready for donations

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