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Putting the clothes on their backs

Lanarkshire charity R:evolve Recycle is

reporting rises in referrals to its clothing

bank that could be outstripping rises to



In April, the Trussell Trust reported a 19 per

cent rise in referrals to foodbanks and,

though not on the same numbers scale,

R:evolve has seen a 34 per cent rise in

referrals to its clothing bank in 2018-19,

and a 60 per cent rise in the number of

people it is being asked to support.


Wendy Russell, sustainability development

manager, said: “We are seeing a huge rise

in referrals to our clothing bank from

places such as Cambuslang and

Rutherglen Foodbank and Migrant Help.


“These referrals can be for individuals or

for families struggling to make ends meet,

and who are putting clothing as the very

last choice for spending behind food,

shelter and warmth.


“We are concerned at this rise, and at the

number of men and children in particular

we are being asked to support.


“It is always distressing to see a child go

without something, but it is also quite

startling to see how many men are needing



“Almost 60 per cent of people we support

in the clothing bank are adult males, a big

difference to the 16 per cent of our shop                             HOW ABOUT THIS ... clothing bank customers can take what they need

customers who are male.”                                  


The charity also gives local foodbanks "take me for free" clothes rails where people can pick up seasonal items, no questions asked - an initiative funded by the Financial Inclusion Network. But it realises it can still do more.


Wendy said: “We know the problem is bigger than we are seeing, so we’re asking other organisations, not just food banks, to become referral partners.”


If you want to become a partner or find out more about R:evolve Recycle and its projects, call Taylor McKeown on 0141 641 5169 or visit

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