How you can help


Donating Online

This couldn't be simpler - just click on the JustGiving button above. And thanks to everyone who donated to our shopping service through Crowdfunder - you raised an amazing £675.

Setting up a Direct Debit

Use the JustGiving button above and change the payment option to monthly, or give us a call to find out how to set up a standing order from your account.

Raise funds from an event

Run, walk, organise a quiz night, have a car boot sale, or just do whatever you fancy to raise money. Chat to us to see if we can help in any way or go on to our JustGiving page to see how it can help you fundraise.

Become a corporate sponsor

You might have your own business or your company might be looking to sponsor a local charity. Come and talk to us to find out how your sponsorship could help.

Give a legacy donation

Lots more people are now specifically mentioning charities in their wills. If you want to do this, chat to your family first so they know what you are doing and then ask your solicitor to make up or amend your will.

To find out more about donating to LEAP, or how your donation will help us deliver front-line services to people aged 50 and over, call us on 0141 641 5169 or email


Margaret Murphy (r) with befriender Eliz
Maureen and Bryan 4 courtesy Rutherglen
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