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R:evolve Recycle


R:evolve Recycle is now managed by LEAP Enterprise, a new charitable trading arm of LEAP, and includes the swap shop and haberdashery in Rutherglen and our new thrift + gift shop in Cambuslang. Check R:evolve Recycle's website for more details.


For many people fashion is something that passes with the wind but they can have little realisation of the impact their clothing choices can have on our planet.

But a single pair of denims can use more than 4,000 litres of water in its "lifetime".

And millions of tonnes of perfectly good clothing end up in landfill simply because new clothing is so cheap people think nothing of throwing clothes away.

But our R:evolve Recycle project aims to change all that.

Our unique swap shop clothing boutiques take people's pre-loved items of clothing and "sell" them to customers - without a penny changing hands.

Our customers are members who donate clothing and get points to use in our boutiques. Donate a jacket, for example, and get three points to spend on "new" clothes - which will cost you between one and three points.

Or they can join one of our R:evolve's workshops and turn old clothes into new creations. Book one of these classes now to join our clothing revolution.

This unique project - funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation among others - has already seen members making more than 38,000 clothing swaps, and has saved more than 60,000 tonnes of clothing from going to landfill.

thrift + gift

In 2022 we launched our new thrift + gift store in Cambuslang where customers can browse a gorgeous range of vintage designer and second hand (with tags) clothing and accessories as well as reworked garments, jewellry, crafts and homeware from independent makers.

All income through our enterprise is reinvested into R:evolve Recycle to keep our swap shops and clothing banks free for our community.

Clothing bank

And it doesn't stop there. Our clothing bank is helping people who are being referred from foodbanks - around 120 people last year alone.

If you want to find out more about this amazing project, visit a R:evolve shop and become a member or volunteer with R:evolve, call 0141 641 5169 or email

You can also visit R:evolve Recycle's website and social media channels.

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