Our work today


More than a quarter of a century after LEAP was set up, older people’s needs have not changed. And neither has LEAP’s beliefs, although what has changed is the depth and breadth of services it offers.


Last year LEAP’s Hands On Project provided more than 6,000 hours support to its clients – all delivered in the front line through its team of 140 volunteers. This support is delivered in 18 communities in South Lanarkshire from large urban areas such as Rutherglen to smaller rural communities such as Glassford and Stonehouse.


And our handyperson volunteers carried out more than 2,000 jobs, from cleaning windows to assembling flat-pack furniture.

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Our Leisure and learning classes covered more than 1,200 sessions to around 1,300 people from Cambuslang, Rutherglen, Hamilton, Uddingston, Bothwell, Strathaven and Stonehouse.


As well as keeping fit and healthy (or generally just having a good time), one of the key aims of our classes is to help older people overcome the issues of digital exclusion.


With one in five people throughout Scotland lacking the basic skills to get online, our IT classes help tackle digital exclusion by teaching those basic skills, and cover subjects such as internet skills, laptops and computers, tablets and iPads, and smartphones.


And in our R:evolve Recycle shops, we run classes in upcycling and make do and mend that promote sustainable clothing choices combating today’s disposable fashion trends.


Those classes, along with our unique cash-free membership swap shop scheme, have helped save the equivalent of more than 3,430 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, and stopped almost 84 tonnes of clothing waste going to landfill.

Our swapping scheme has seen more than 53,000 items of clothing swapped. That alone is an amazing statistic.

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