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Befriending is flipping good!


Couple share pancake recipe during friendship calls while COVID prevents them meeting

How do you teach someone to make pancakes when you can’t see them or get to visit them? Simple – you phone them.


For Irene Munro and Graham Smith ­- who didn’t know each other before being introduced in June - making pancakes was one of the first things they talked about when LEAP introduced them through its friendship calls service.


The only things standing in their way were Graham working in cup measures, as he has only 2 per cent sight, while Irene worked in ounces.


Irene, a former special needs support worker, said: “LEAP introduced me to Graham, and we hit it off immediately.


Graham said: “On one of our first calls I asked Irene if she had a good pancake recipe which she had, but it was in ounces and, as I couldn’t see the scales, I asked for it in cup measures! 


Irene explained: “I had to then measure everything out and as we were both doing this while we were on the phone I said we might as well just make them.”


Graham added: “ It was a great laugh. The only problem was that Irene’s recipe would have fed a small army and I ended up with enough pancakes for three square meals a day!”


Irene and Graham have only been chatting for a few months, but already their friendship calls have meant they would like to meet when restrictions allow.


Irene said: “Graham and I just talk about anything and we can have quite a serious discussion about some things and then in be stitches talking about hair products, toilet cisterns or bacon butties. We now look forward to our weekly chats!


“I think that’s great and, as I wanted to do face-to-face befriending when I contacted LEAP, it would be good to meet him.” 

“I would look forward to that,” musician Graham said. “Irene has already made a big difference to my life as she really brightens up my day and she already feels like a big sister to me.


“When we do get to meet, I might make some pancakes for that. Either that or I can teach Irene to play guitar.”


If you want to find out more about befriending with LEAP, visit our website or call us on 0141 641 5169.

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