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Charity bags a bonus from local school social enterprise


Eco link proves strong for Cathkin High pupils

LEAP has benefitted by more than £800 from Cathkin High pupils learning about recycling in Spanish after they learned of its R:evolve Recycle clothing recycling shops.


The S2 pupils had been learning about recycling in Spanish then they created designs for an eco shopping bag.  The winning designs were chosen and made into shopping bags which the pupils sold around the Cathkin Community and beyond.


The pupils were keen that some of their profit went to a local independent organisation and when they heard about LEAP’s work, they were very impressed.

Diane Anderson, Cathkin’s Faculty Head of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Learning said: “Most of the pupils involved are set to leave school this summer, and they wanted to put the profits to good use.


“When we looked at local charities LEAP sounded a perfect match for our project, especially given their R:evolve shops which have recycled thousands of tonnes of clothes rather than them going to landfill.”


Chad Morse, LEAP’s R:evolve Recycle project co-ordinator, collected the cheque and said, “We really appreciate what the pupils have done. Receiving this cheque for £818 will help us continue our work but, more importantly, we are impressed at how seriously the pupils have taken recycling.”


“It is this and future generations that will make the biggest difference to our planet and it’s good to see how strongly the pupils feel about this.”


Diane also added that the school wants to look at how the two can work together in the future for community involvement, fundraising and awareness.


If you want to find out more about LEAP and its projects, call 0141 641 5169, or visit

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