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Charity bags extra funds


Local elderly charity Lightburn Elderly Association Project (LEAP) has raised more than £415 for its Hands On Project (HOP) through a bag packing day in Asda Blantyre.


17 staff and volunteers made light work of packing customers’ bags, raising money in the process and talking to people about the work of LEAP and HOP.


At the end of a busy day, the team had raised £415.62 and – equally important – signed up three new volunteers for the Hands On Project’s befriending scheme.


Volunteer Development Officer Jodie Phillips was overjoyed with the result.


Jodie said: “We thought we might raise about £100 on the day, which would have been great, but to raise more than four times that is just amazing.


“Everyone was so generous, and wanted to know more about how the charity helped older people.


“It was really good having the time just to chat to people about what we do, and three people have asked to join HOP as volunteers.


“That’s every bit as important as the money we raised.”


The money will now be used to help HOP support people through its befriending and handyperson services.


Jodie said: “We already support more than 100 people in Blantyre alone, and this cash will help us continue that good work.


“The Hands On Project – and the LEAP charity as a whole – relies on donations to keep its services going, and this money will go directly into delivering those front-line services.


Asda’s Community Champion Jackie Brown helped set up the day, and was equally delighted with the result.


Jackie said: “What a great result. Our customers are really helpful when it comes to supporting local charities and they have shown again how generous they are.”


LEAP Chair Gilbert Feron said: “My hat goes off to our wonderful staff and volunteers. They do a marvellous job.


“I started with LEAP as a volunteer more than 20 years ago. It changed my life, and today I see our Hands On Project changing the lives of so many other people.


“And you could too. The Project already has a waiting list of people in Blantyre wanting to use its befriending service so all new volunteers will be very welcome.”


If you want to know more about volunteering with HOP, visit or call 0141 641 5169.

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