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Holy Cross pupils win £3,000 for LEAP


Charity benefits from pupils Youth Philanthropy Initiative win

Pupils from Holy Cross High School have won LEAP £3,000 by winning their school’s Youth Philanthropy Initiative contest on 26 January.


Lara Kells, Maia McCann, Ana-Maria Lomoljo, Rohan Mallin and Thomas Prag had chosen LEAP as their nominated charity and had put in a great effort to find out what the charity did to complete their presentation.


Their research included talking to LEAP staff and taking time out to interview clients and volunteers at one of LEAP’s events.


Heather Jackson, one of LEAP’s volunteer development officers, had supported the team to develop their presentation. She said: This is great news.


“The team put a lot of effort into research, including interviewing some of our clients at a recent event, and this shone through in their presentation.”


LEAP offers older Hamilton residents befriending, friendship groups, a free handyperson service and classes and activities from IT to New Age Kurling and art classes.

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