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Surprise visitor makes former Ibrox caterer’s day


Lynn Robertson thought she had seen all the highs and lows at Ibrox, but was totally stunned when Broxi Bear turned up at her door to personally deliver a VIP tour of the famous Glasgow stadium.


The surprise visit was arranged by local charity LEAP after it heard from Grandson Jon Stonefield how Lynn had spent more than 22 years managing the members’ season ticket area catering from 1962 to



Now aged 90, Lynn has vivid memories of her time at Ibrox, from the low of the Ibrox Disaster when 66 people lost their lives, to the high of drinking champagne from the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1972 at the insistence of then manager Willie Waddell and coach Jock Wallace.


During her time at Ibrox, Lynn also served celebrities including the Alexander Brothers, Calum Kennedy, Andy Cameron and – on one occasion – 007 himself, Sean Connery.


Although it is around 35 years since she left Ibrox, Lynn still has fond memories of the place, and tries to keep up with news from the club.


Now though, she will get to hear first-hand how the club is getting on when she goes on her VIP visit with three of her friends and family.


Lynn said: “What a great day. I never thought for a moment I would be visited by Broxi Bear and I’m so grateful to everyone at LEAP for making this happen.


“It was LEAP who first put me in touch with my befriender Caroline Fraser in 2015, and we’ve become great friends since.


“Caroline is a Rangers supporter as well so I think I’ll be getting plenty of hints from her to come on the stadium tour.


“We might not be drinking champagne from a cup this time, but it will feel every bit as special.”


Grandson Jon was delighted with the visit, and with the support LEAP provides to Lynn. He said: “For me Broxi was the icing on the cake. The support Gran gets from LEAP, and Caroline in particular, makes all the difference to her.


“As soon as I mentioned her connections with Ibrox, LEAP went out of their way to make this happen, and it will be a magical memory for her.”

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