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Tiktok shows you’re never too old to learn


Fashion influencer toks about R:evolve Recycle vintage clothing

Robyn Mia Elphick, the Tiktok sustainable fashion influencer, has fallen for the charms of R:evolve Recycle’s and volunteer Jane Dick’s sustainable vintage clothing.


In December, the R:evolve team sent a parcel from thrift+gift to Robyn (@robynmia), whose content is all about styling pre-loved clothing. She has 15.6k followers on Instagram and 54.6k on TikTok.


The parcel contained some vintage clothing and upcycled products, as well as a handmade jacket and bag by one of our volunteers, Jane Dick, aged 81, from Cambuslang. Jane made the jacket and bag in 1993 while studying Fashion and Textile Design as a mature student. Jane has been a volunteer for the last year and is an official ‘maker’ at thrift+gift, selling her handmade crochet and embroidered pieces. She also attends R:evolve Recycle’s Meet, Make + Mend workshops every Thursday.

Robyn did two ‘unboxing’ TikToks, opening our parcel, reacting to each item, and then a third video wearing Jane’s two-piece to a friend’s 30th birthday party.

When she opened the parcel containing Jane’s work, Robyn was really touched with Jane’s items, and said: “Reading this [the label saying Jane started studying fashion and textile design in her 50s] actually made me quite emotional. You’re never too old to start something”


These videos reached more than 128,000 views, and Robyn’s followers were really impressed, leaving many lovely comments about how talented Jane was.


When Jane saw Robyn’s videos she said: “I’m so happy that something I made by hand has gone to a lovely young lady. She is just the person that I had in mind when doing the fashion course. I really feel that I have been given something”


To find out more about R:evolve Recycle and volunteering with them, call 0141 641 5169 or visit

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