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Wingate group gets welcome visit from a fluffy four-legged friend


Friendship group hears about work of Dogs Trust

Chico, a Shih Tzu cross Pomeranian, was star of the show at a Wingate friendship group’s meeting when he wowed the audience at a Dogs Trust presentation.


Owner Kayleigh Maclean, who works with the charity and adopted Chico as soon as she saw him, was at the group to tell them what the Dogs Trust does and brought her pet pooch along to help break the ice.


Chico certainly done that and was greeted by smiles all around from everyone attending LEAP’s friendship group in the sheltered accommodation’s hall.​ 

Mandy Martin, LEAP’s friendship groups co-ordinator, had arranged for the Dogs Trust to come along to all of the charity’s friendship groups and the Wingate crowd took to Chico and Kayleigh straight away.


Mandy said: “We try to give our groups new or different experiences and the presentation from Kayleigh from Dogs Trust Glasgow has certainly gone down well, thanks in no small part to Chico’s input.


“He’s a real star and proof of what a great job the Trust is doing.”


Kayleigh was glad to come along to LEAP’s groups to spread the word. Supporters Relations Officer Kayleigh said: “We jumped at the chance to visit LEAP’s friendship groups when Mandy approached us.


“The groups are a brilliant idea and gave us an excellent way of telling people what we do.


“Having Chico along with me also makes a big difference as he is great with people, and I know how much people can get out of a visit from a pet.”


To find out more about LEAP’s friendship groups call Mandy on 0141 641 5169 or visit To find out more about the Dogs Trust, visit

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